A Mother’s ❤️Heart

My #roadwarrior

My sunshine 🌞

My beautiful daughter…

Sometimes words can’t express how much love and passion I have for her!

When I tell y’all that she is a true #warriorprincess, I’m so serious!

The first 5 years of her life she would not eat and she had to have a feeding tube placed and have continuous feeds through her G-tube. You would think that would hinder, or stop someone from thriving. But oh no, not my beautiful daughter. As the years Grullon I purposed in my heart and prayed every day and my faith every day I would say , “ my daughter will not go to kindergarten with a feeding tube in her belly”

Two months before she was to go to kindergarten, the doctor told us, she can have it removed she is gaining weight and she is eating on her own.

My faith never wavered, I never doubted. Me and my children traveled throughout the United States with a case of G-tube formula, her feeding pool, pump, and a whole bunch of faith we persevered and we never let that disability slow us down. We had some amazing journeys in her younger years, memories that my children will carry with them for a lifetime.

My heart is full and I am humbled by having such a incredible daughter. And even at this stage in her teenage life, I know she will persevere, she will be an amazing woman, because she is already an amazing daughter.

Never underestimate what your child can overcome, never doubt, never lose faith. I’m just here to let you know from one mom to another, that you can make it through even the toughest of situations. Use your obstacles as a way to open up new opportunities and live every day to the fullest no matter what your situation is!






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