Book Writing Services

As a best selling author with for books published and more on the way, it is my passion and part of my purpose to help other people understand and hold them accountable and serve them at their highest level by getting their books out into the world. Because as authors and writers and Overcomers, how important it is that we get our stories out so that our stories which don’t belong to us anyway, is able to be told in a manner with dignity and honor in hopes that it will reach and touch somebody’s heart and inspire them out of their Valley. I have three package offers all of which include developmental editing as well editing services for you to choose from. I have learned the hard way I have paid a hefty price at times, and now I understand one of my purposes in life is to help those that have a story to get their story told and I as a result from working with me will be able to pull some of that hidden pain to the surface creating a more impactful book for you to inspire others with please email me to discuss my package pricing and price points. I have different payment options available in different packages available to accommodate those that need more time to pay and those that need more time with their family and love ones and would rather have someone who will ghost write your book. I am that person, here to serve you at the highest level of capacity that you deserve and that your story deserves please email me at and in the subject line please put writing services thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you