When you think about strength, what do you think makes one strong? The muscles that come together under ones shirt? The amount of weight a person can lift at once. Or does strength begin with our mind? To possess the physical strength you must first believe you can, right? So believe that you are strong,… Read More

Rare,Real or Raw…Emotions Are Okay

“Its okay to display your raw emotion, within whatever situation you find yourself in, for it is better than showing no emotions at all. Emotions shows the world that you are human, with a fleshly heart.  Never be ashamed of your current emotions. It’s how you act upon them which determines how we are perceived… Read More

Weary & Wounded Pressing Forward To Win


Oh Dear, May We Watch & Learn Deer Friends?

Enduring Friendships & Testing Loyalties Read More

Take Your Place

“Don’t stand above my casket, wondering why Why this beautiful vivacious black woman had to fight until she died. When you hear of my children who grew up with more wisdom, almost better than the rest: You will understand why this mother always gave her best. So shed a tear of joy and hope with… Read More

“One Prepared”…Written for my Beautiful Mother

Despite race, distance, difference it didn’t matter. She chose me, loved me, raised me and I’m proud, honored and blessed to be her child!  Happy Birthday to My beautiful Mother Julia                         “One Prepared”    Written by: Deborah Elizabeth Schrepper 5/11/14 There was a woman who asked God for a child with many tears down her face: There was… Read More