Harvesting Life’s Lessons & Cultivating them into abundant unlimited possibilities! 

“I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach with real life experience which gives me an edge over some life coaches. I have that real life experience with several challenges that I have had to overcome. Now it is my purpose and mission, to guide others using my proven systems and strategies while guiding people on how to cultivate their challenge, till and glean it and harvest their abundance of possibilities from their own struggles within personal life, professional, relationships and addictions and troubled pasts. You are your greatest possibility!” -Deborah Schrepper

fullsizeoutput_20ebDeborah Schrepper, LPN, CHC is the CEO & Founder of “Harvesting Life’s Lessons” best-selling author with several books. Her latest book is “Her Secret Sins – Her journey from Prostitution to Princess”.  Deborah is a seasoned & requested international Speaker.

She empowers all walks of life with speaking on varies topics including she openly shares her story of how she overcame many challenges including addiction, prostitution,abuse and rape.

As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, best-selling author, and speaker, she will continue to grow in knowledge & pledges to always encourage others to learn to overcome the organized chaos that surrounds each of us. With a clear purpose & vision began Harvesting Life’s Lessons

Mission: Inspire & teach others how to keep climbing their mountains, with the message you are your greatest possibility. Cultivate those challenges, harvest them, and turn those lessons into life’s (unlimited) possibilities.




  1. I’m so glad I found your post. It’s great to find another beautiful being who wants to inspire hope in others. Many blessings to you and be well!

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