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Driven The Miles

John Denver "Country road, take me home to the place I belong...." A song my mother played in the car as we paroled the endless antique shops along the coast of Maine growing up there as a child. Reflective on the word DRIVEN as the Daily Prompt, it means so many different things to each… Continue reading Driven The Miles

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Oh Dear, May We Watch & Learn Deer Friends?

Enduring Friendships & Testing Loyalties


Increase Health & Your Wealth!


We Need Pain

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Virtual/Homeschooling day 2 Adventure

Lord HELP ME. I know it's right I know this is the modality my youngest Aspburger child needs but mom I know nothing accordingly her. Yes I know it will get better. Making the decision was my last option, last stitch effort due to the city's lack to provide an quality educational experience conducive to… Continue reading Virtual/Homeschooling day 2 Adventure

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Homemade Kombucha is Delicious

#Health #Tip Kombucha is One of the best and healthiest drinks it is a probiotic with many added benefits for your immune system. Are used to buy it in the store in the organics section, but then again you know me the harmony coach, one who turns all of lessons into possibilities. I thought to… Continue reading Homemade Kombucha is Delicious


Be Fearless


Icicles With Possibilities