The Key To Overcoming The Not So Pretty Days…

Many times we as humans have so much on our plates right? Or am I the only one, no I am inequitably sure that I am not the only homo sapien that time after time, takes on more than he or she can handle at one particular time or moment.  So what is the secret?… Read More

A Lil’ Church Time!Stay with the ship even in your darkest storm trust God”

Not my typical post, but everyday when I wake up in the morning, I feel so blessed to be alive! So Come on and have some church with me! Be encouraged and know that even in your darkest moments, God is there with you! Blessings! #churchtime #ingodwetrust #stormsoflife #harvestinglifeslessons #praisegod #worship

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

There are times in life when both roads look identical one may even look better, have more beauty, more tantalizing and tempting material things on that road. But at what price? What price would you pay for peace of mind? Read More

Rare,Real or Raw…Emotions Are Okay

“Its okay to display your raw emotion, within whatever situation you find yourself in, for it is better than showing no emotions at all. Emotions shows the world that you are human, with a fleshly heart.  Never be ashamed of your current emotions. It’s how you act upon them which determines how we are perceived… Read More

Weary & Wounded Pressing Forward To Win