Rivers of Violent Protests or Reminders of the Peaceful Promises from Past Prayers & Reviving The Dream

I normally do not blog or share my thoughts on current events especially racially motivated current events. But as a child who grew up the one and only black child in the entire town, and school and facing my past discriminations that fell upon me, and the names I was called and the humiliation I endured (key word folks) as well as survived it. I am just compelled to share this today. Saying this with no reservations that the ones that called me such awful names and degraded me, after a few months of me going to the same school, doing the same things they did I will tell you that those people became my very best friends even unto this day some 30 years later. Many of whom became very successful. I will never forget where I’ve came from or the sludge at times I’ve had to push through. It keeps me humble and it keeps me with an open mind when I meet a stranger… That being said, continue reading with your open minds…

Protesting…peacefully sure, however prayer changes more than violently protesting. Inequality will always be in this world. Unjust shall always be in every OPEN corner of the world. Ever stop and wonder why so many young black men are being unjustly killed? We know that they are and it is immoral and unjust, unfair,etc. NOW let me say this, ignorance breeds ignorance. What example are you setting for your children and grandchildren?  To react by taunting the police with riots and luting black owned business as well as other businesses. Those of us old enough to remember the words to “Coming Straight From the underground ….and “F the Police”, To riot and rant and act like a fool in the street is teaching your next generations to do the same.

What happened to Martin Luther King and others, walking hand in hand with his brothers of “all races” singing a cappella in perfect unison and peacefully “WE SHALL OVERCOME….ONE DAY” I tell my son ( while he sits here on suspension from school )that DNA does not define you and being raised by a single mother does not give you a free pass nor an excuse to fail. I expect nothing less but GREATNESS from my children. Failing is something we do sometimes that is how we learn to succeed. As long as you try your hardest and are endowed with the determination and motivation, to push through and stand up when you fall down and understand a man/woman is not born great, your perseverance and determination create greatness. Stop making excuses to fail, learn to use whatever knowledge you have and write your councilman, congressmen, etc. and grab your neighbors hand begin to believe those old’ songs We Shall Overcome One day….While on his suspension I’m having him read a book all about the incredible accomplishments & inventions of black Americans and reminded him of the movie “Gifted Hands”.

There are just no excuses justifiable for ignorance, we say the cliché “Knowledge is Power” So use it, read it, write it and then change it!


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