Finally I’ll Be Soaring Above

Seeing a AMERICAN BALD EAGLE soaring above you makes me pause and remember that I’m soaring with the Eagles and the season is finally here!

imageA rare creature and its majestic beauty and how the mama Eagles will make their nests uncomfortable so the young have no choice but spread their wings and fly and eventually soar effortlessly within the skies and if your in tune with our land,country,surroundings you MAY be blessed to see one in the wild. If you do… Take note YOUR TIME IS NOW!!! When someone tells me what I can’t do or change within my community, guess what you only make me soar higher!!overwhelmed with the changes that are now allowing me to make a small difference as was asked of me today “what would you like your legacy here to be”? That one person CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and this Eagles wings are soaring! Thank you to the 2 executive boards and to the next level civil servant determined to make a small fossil in the world so humbled!!!


DeborahSchrepper.  founder of Harvesting Lifes  Lessons Secret to Living is to LIVE (Lend individuals a variety of Encouragement) &   HOPE (help others perseveres & endure}

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