The True Vintage Hat, Sold Too Cheap: Women Know Your Value, Your Worth, Don’t Sell Your   Keep Your Dignity Realize Your Cherished  


An era lost when women had tea and wore graceful hats with veils; now you rarely see a veil at a wedding if those still exsist

  I must say I LOVE collecting TRUE vintage hats amazing women used to wear such beautiful, elegant, graceful hats. Much like women of the 30’s -50’s hats were worn with true style & true modest decent and calmly apparels always matched their hats. They carried themselves with dignity and grace ….what happened to those women?
Where did they go? Because the women I see are no longer portraying the essence of a Lady…. Are young girls prance around with shirts longer then then whatever they claim to have underneath them. Our daughters walk around in public with sports bras on (literally) right up into the school and yet where is that adult to turn them around and tell them go home and return with clothes on Clothing is NOT OPTIONAL. The pictures I took are of just 2 of my 10 beautiful collection (3$ each yet worth insurmountably more yet the sellers had no knowledge of their worth). Very prolific for tonight’s little lesson I just tried them on after I got them from the …..Goodwill and yes I was in my pajamas. Mothers take time to actually look at your daughter before sending her off to school if you must work have her take an infamous selfie of front and back in the full mirror and then ask yourself. img_2876-1What example are you to your daughter & then ask what example is your daughter to those around her…Cheeks show on your face they shouldn’t be seen any other place examine yourself “how are WE doing ” mothers?? Be Blessed & LIVE

Navy blue between 30’s-50’s women lets bring classy back please

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