Appreciate The Unexpected 

It was such a beautiful day outside, so I decided to work out in my yard all day because sadly preparing for winter and snow. Putting away my garden belongings pulled out the old non producing plants and put away and work on the garden shed hanging up the tomato cages and other gardening supplies. When all of a sudden I turned around to find this enormous deer with antlers and everything fat as can be, looking at me from just beyond my gate. I got a little spooked made a little yelp noise because I live in town I don’t live in the country so it was kind of rare to see a deer right in the middle of your yard I yelled for my children to come see it because it was spectacular they didn’t hear me and of course the deer scampered off what a lesson for me today appreciate the unexpected. It could be more majestic and more exciting than you could ever imagine! LIVE the day!!


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