Like mother like son #gratitude

And now my son who is 15 years old has agreed to write his first book series "The Day I Learned How To Soar " a series of a young boy who was bullied and he takes you through dips of a victim of bullying and other challenges encouraging other young people teaching them how to soar high even without feathers as others have! An amazing read for the child who faces life as an underdog and becomes unknowingly a superhero!
LOA truly works so when you are setting your intention upon his new moon make sure it is what you truly want to manifest and watch how quickly it manifests. I am still in my state of gratitude because I am grateful knowing that my request was going to come to fruition and now another manifestation appeared within hours of my request I am so grateful because before I even set my intention I was thankful for it and then I set my intention that is the true secret to the LOA LOA LOA


  1. Thank you for joining my blog. I appreciate warm and wonderful readers/followers like you. You could end up being a contributor to the site one day, if you felt you had something extraordinary to share the world.


  2. How absolutely wonderful. I would be so proud if I were you. Sounds like a book that needed to be written. I know, because I was one are those kids that your son wrote about in that book he just finished. Tell him that Paulette Le Pore Motzko from wishes him only the best with his new book series.


      1. Thank you. I am not certain of what I am doing for Thanksgiving yet as I am a lady who is on her own with no kids and no family here in Vegas. I’m debating on making a feast just for me or doing a friendsgiving and inviting all my single friends here. Vegas is a weird town, because so many people never take enough time off and don’t value balance in their life. It’s very difficult to get even for people to sit around a table at the same time. That part about living here is one of the things that I don’t care for. I will be thankful though and I will be thinking about what I can give others.

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