Homemade Kombucha is Delicious

#Health #Tip

Kombucha is One of the best and healthiest drinks it is a probiotic with many added benefits for your immune system. Are used to buy it in the store in the organics section, but then again you know me the harmony coach, one who turns all of lessons into possibilities. I thought to myself I can do this! I don’t have to pay $3.50 for a bottle of organic kombucha God equipped me with a brain, commonsense, and best yet google and now I am producing my very own organic antioxidant enriched flavorful probiotic my OWN KOMBUCHA! Here’s my 2nd batch perfected so I made more! Delicious complete with my homemade #scobies #Lifespossibilities #harvestinglifeslessons #livehealthy #healthy #kombucha #homemade #theharmonycoach #possibilities #yesyoucan #lifeunlimited

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