Moments With Mom

Real Moment…

My youngest child who finally returned to school today says “Mom we get to pick out our Highschool electives can you believe in 4 1/2 months I’ll officially be a freshman in Highschool?”

Me: “No baby, I can’t believe it”!

As my youngest prepares to enter a new chapter in life my middle child also takes on a different point in life he will be in his last year of Highschool and is looking into colleges.

And My oldest daughter and her wonderful husband and kids continue to prosper and grow their business

It feels like yesterday that these children were born. I blinked and they grew up. What happened when I closed my eyes and opened them I no longer can rock them to sleep, tell them a bedtime story or kiss their ouchies when they hurt.

While your out there “living your best life” realize that your children need you in this present time to guide them properly into their best life. Understanding that they are part of your purpose…..

Carpe diem!







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