Blogging For Beginners -The About Me Page

One area I have found incredibly helpful on the blogging journey, is knowing the basics in blogging.

You are giving your readers experience in something that they desire to accomplish. You are providing a solution to their question. You have the how to!

And it starts with you but it’s really about them. Does that make sense…

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It’s About Your Reader

Your blog needs an awesome about me page. See how to write an awesome about me page here!

Your About Me page is the single most important page on your blog.

But how do you write the perfect about me page? I’m going to show you step by step how you write an awesome about me page.

Why Your About Me Page Matters

Your about me page is so important. Let me show you how to create a great about me page.

But first, why does having an f’n awesome about me page matter? It matters because your about me page will get the most traffic than an other page on your blog!

The about me page is the one page where you can connect with your readers and convert them into email subscribers and eventually into paying customers.

In short, your about me page will be your money maker!

Your About Me Page SUCKS!

Why your about me page SUCKS and how to create an awesome about me page.

In doing my research for this post (by research, I mean Googling “about me” and reading a few), most about me pages SUCK!

Here’s how the typical about me pages read:

First paragraph: My name is [Name]. I was born in [City]. I went to [University]. I have [Number] kids.

Second paragraph: In my spare time I like to [Activity] and [Activity]. I started this blog in [Year] because I love [Niche].

Last paragraph: Follow me on [Social Media #1] and [Social Media #2] and [Social Media #3].

You know what I think about when I read that? I think WHO CARES!

Sorry to say it, but nobody really cares about you. 

All I see in most about me pages is “Me Me Me Me Me”. That’s entirely the wrong approach.

Your about me page isn’t really about you, IT’S ABOUT THEM!

When we’re done shaping up your about me page, it will give your readers all the feels! It will hit them in the right spots. In other words, you’re going to make a great first impression.

Are you ready to create an about me page your readers will remember?

WTF are we waiting for, let’s begin!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

To create an awesome about me page, add your picture to your about me page.

First things first, you’re going to need a picture. But I’m telling you, this is not the time to put on formal attire and head off to a professional photographer.

Heck no! People want to relate to you. They want to read the blog of a real person. So, your picture needs to reflect that.

Even though you’re blogging about a specific niche, what they’re really following is YOU.

Your picture needs to show your smiling face. Just be friendly, be normal, be real.

Left-align your image so you can add text to the right of it. In other words, don’t let it take up the entire screen. We need to get the reader to read this page, so don’t take up all that valuable “above the fold” space.

Start With An Introduction

To create an awesome about me profile, start by writing a great personal introduction in the first paragraph.

Briefly state who you are and why you started your blog.

This should be no longer than 2-3 sentences.

Whatever you say, do it in an interesting way. If you’re not interesting, you are boring. If you are boring, you will be ignored!

I would rather be unique and FAIL than boring and be FORGOTTEN.

It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

Connect with your readers on your about me page on a personal level.

Remember when you stated why you started your blog? You must have had a problem and wanted a solution.

You must have seen others having the same problem and wanted to help them fix it too.

That right there is called empathy. Show it. Show that you share their struggle!

I use this line all the time: “I’ve been there!” or “That was me 5 years ago.”

By creating a genuine connection, you can convert that one-time visitor into a recurring visit, and one day, a buyer of your product or service.

The About Me page is the perfect place to add a high converting optin form from Thrive Leads!

Personal Story Time!

Make your about me page personal and connect with the reader.

Your About Me page is your one page to open up and show the real you. 

This is your one opportunity to HUMANIZE yourself. Show the reader you are one of them.

Share a brief story about how you suffered and how you overcame. This section should be 3-4 sentences tops.

Don’t be afraid to share your journey, including your struggles and the wins!

Add A Second Picture

Add an action picture of yourself to your about me page.

Big blocks of text are BORING. You need pictures to make your LAME about me page more exciting.

For your second image, choose an ACTION picture.

You can be climbing a mountain, going for a bike ride or just cooking breakfast! It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re doing something.

Answer Their “What’s In It For Me?” Question

Help your readers and provide a solution in your about me page.

You need to answer this question on every single article you will ever write, including your about me page.

The reader only went to your page to have their question answered. They either found you through Google or through Pinterest. Odds are, they typed in a question in the search box.

It is your job to give them a solution!

This next section is the perfect place to add your “AHA!” moment aka Lightbulb moment.

Write about the time that you discovered the solution to the problem. Write about how fed up you were and that something had to change.

Notice how I’m a bit dramatic? (By a bit, I mean a sh*tload!)

Feel free to do that too. After all, emotions are what cause people to be your friend, follow you on Twitter, join your email list and buy from you. [shrugs]

Include Your Contact Info

In your about me page, be sure to include your contact info.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t add contact info on their About Me page.

Just a simple link to your contact page is all you need. I use WPForms for my contact form, which is much better than just dropping your email address link.

End It With A Call To Action

Finish your about me page with a call to action.

I’ve saved the best for last. It’s money making time!

How do you end your about me page? Just tell them goodbye and that’s it? No! Right now, the reader is so engaged they’d give you a kidney! Don’t waste this chance.

Add your optin form at the end of your awesome About Me page

Many bloggers like to fill the end of their about me page with a bunch of links. Check my best blog posts. Follow me on x, y and z. Buy this product. Bookmark my site.

The reality? Not even your BFF is going to do any of those things. Pick ONE thing you want the reader to do, then ASK them to do it!

About Me Page Template

Want to write an awesome About Me page? Download this free about me page template! #about #aboutme #blogger #blogging #edwindollars


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