Are we great again yet?

Thank you for a well written piece. I found it easy to read and enjoyable without throwing opinions of any kind down the throat. Great job

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On Friday, 93 year-old President George H.W. Bush spent a heartbreaking and exhausting day by his wife’s casket, greeting the 5,000 mourners who came to pay their respects. And the next morning, as we awaited the funeral of First Lady Barbara Bush, our current president awoke at his Florida country club and fired off a round of tweets that included words like flunkie, crooked, destroy, drunk/drugged, trouble, lying, witch hunt, and horrible. Then he played golf.

This is the state of things.

Last week, as the president’s longtime lawyer dominated headlines for being under criminal investigation, a real head-scratcher slipped under the radar. The Department of Health and Human Services redirected federal funds from teen pregnancy prevention to programs that strictly teach abstinence. Yes, I said abstinence. Abstinence that did not work in the 1950s and will not work now. If this administration is serious about being pro-life, why not…

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