CBD Jelly Beans

As a believer and practitioner of health& wellness, this doesn’t surprise me. Another inventive way to get people the help they need in an natural way with a twist! #CBD oils are taking the platform and delivering the answer to many who suffer from a plethora of disorders.

CBS News Reports:

Cannabis confections are all the rage now that CBD oil is increasing in popularity, and the creator of one sugary snack is jumping on the bandwagon. David Klein, known as “The Candyman” and founder of Jelly Belly jellybeans, has announced a new company – one that makes his signature product, but with a twist. Klein created “Spectrum Confections,” which offers CBD-infused jellybeans.

Klein invented the Jelly Belly bean in 1976. The new line offers “gourmet” jellybeans, sugar-free jellybeans, and sour jellybeans that have about 10mg of CBD inside each bean.

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