Pictures Worth Sharing

I know this ain’t the #greatest picture

I snapped it just now!

You see while you were planing your tours and working on those “speeches” I was busy caring for your loved on you were too busy to care for.

I’m sorry I couldn’t attend that important event you we’re hosting, I was sacrificing my lunch break to wipe the blood off your elderly family member from her fall and calling a consult to hospice for your loved one that took care of you until you were in your 20’s that your too busy now to remember that.

I’m enjoying this time off after working 60 hours this week loving that beautiful woman who has no memory of her 5 kids which is probably best because she’d be heartbroken to know you were too busy making those “#moneymoves” to spend the last days of her life with her.

It’s ok I was with her, I held her hand, I danced to Johnny Cash with her. I hugged her as a tear rolled down her cheek. It’s ok I whispered in her ear “you fought well take your rest” as she took her last breath.

Forgive me if I don’t post on your “HEY IM SPEAKING” post I was busy and now I’m going to play and relax this weekend

By the way, no need to thank me because I’M truly WALKING IN MY PURPOSE! Can you truly say the same…

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