A Plural Thought

🛑 As I get older I’m realizing that things I always thought about as a kid but never sought to pursue because I was afraid of what others would think.

I was already different from everyone o grew up with and stood out but not in the way a kid wanted to stand out.

When I write, I release fear & doubt and I feel free.

Y’all couldn’t handle me spilling everything all at once (some didn’t even want me to publish my 2nd best seller “Her Secret Sins”) but anyway,

I’ve always loved the plural marriage concept, sure it’s not for everyone but who is anyone to judge! The family is key and it’s still sacred.

Get your mind out of the gutter! There’s way more then just that! It’s more than a commitment to the one person it’s a commitment to family. I love seeing a beautiful black couple on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wives & I love the Brown family in Sister Wives.

It’s not for everyone but I’m glad to see people opening up and living in THEIR Perfection and not living in fear of what others are going to say or think!

Never be afraid to LIVE YOUR LIFE! Because it’s just that, Yours! Be blessed



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