Why Do We Write

The phone rings with the loudest most obnoxious ring tone your ears can stand while at the same time you have children yelling for your attention, “look at me mommy” or, “Can I eat this?”. At the moment you are in the restroom trying to pee in peace for a few minutes before you have to cook dinner, fold the 20th load of laundry and that’s just from today’s clothes, and remember to comb your hair.

cars on the road

Life can be overwhelming to say the least, and anyone especially moms who are busy, need a good outlet of release. Why do we as women, as mothers try to carry everything alone?  Why do we always feel the need to always be Superwoman and carry around that magical lasso!

Well truth be told, we are not that fictional superhero we are indeed a superhero, but we are a real Wonder woman! If you could pay us we would never have to work anymore because we do so much for so many people, but here’s the thing. We are constantly working for our children, for our other loved ones and other people that we forget to block out time for ourselves.

I obviously love to write, but I also love to read. My imagination carries me away and I will write myself into a new scene frequently.  You see this is my escape, writing! This is my passion to write to #inspire!

img_3733I love to bring folks into my mind and provide them with a glimpse of the ideas that dance inside my head space. At times it can be confusing and at times it may be intriguing. What I endeavor to be is an inspiration to others that enjoy writing and encourage them that it really is a “no experience necessary” job.  In fact it’s not a job at all rather a calling.

You see during those days that I’m pulling my hair out between my job as a nurse, and my job as super mom I have to have that escape. We need a form of self-care or even release of emotion that we writers face all to often.

Writing provides me and many others some much needed FREE #therapy because the pen and paper hold no judgement towards what I’m going to use it for. And it doesn’t criticize me for the tears that may or may not fall from my face. img_3646And the best part (ok

well one of the best part) is that there is always someone out there in this big fish bowl of people who is going to similar issues and can benefit from my therapy writing!

So if you are feeling overwhelmed or feeling like you have no escape from your tedious routine, pick up a pen and paper or even a key board just write what comes out of your head even if you never show it to anyone at least you’re not keeping it to yourself! Write to inspire others

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