It’s Ok To Be Different

So this morning I dragged myself out of bed! Literally I had about 3 hours of semi sleep after tossing and turning all night my eyelids decided to finally give out and close. What seemed like 5 minutes later, I woke to a car horn beeep beeep beeep, it was only my annoying alarm doing its job.

As I looked outside I smiled thinking, “awesome it’s raining!” And told the kiddos to bring their umbrellas to the bus stop.

See unlike many, I love the rain. It is my happy place. So of course I hear it daily “Deborah your not normal “. Well duh! That’s what makes me special, I don’t flow like water in the same direction as everyone. I like that. Being normal to me is being complacent and boring and in turn….unhappy!

Emotionally speaking, it can be draining to have ups and downs however for myself,it keeps me balanced somehow and I’m able to say that I’m very happy!

I wish that everyone could see that to be truly happy you need to see what unhappiness looks and feels like. You need both emotions to comprehend and get in true harmony.

Take the garden for instance, it needs both water and sunshine for optimum growth right? But too much of either will destroy your garden. Just a little food for thought for you today and perhaps a glimpse of why my mantra for Harvesting Life’s Lessons is “Where Growth Happens “.

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