Writing the Perfect Welcome Email

I found this information so helpful I had to share!

Do you get stage fright when writing a welcome email for your blog? Queue: a giant white page that you’re supposed to fill with words that will inspire, engage, and motivate your reader to take action and love you forever.

But OMG, what do you even write?!

Oh bloggy friend, I got you! Let me take you through a few steps to crush that stage fright and write a killer welcome email that’ll give your reader all the warm feelings.

PS – I highly recommend using a freebie to grow your email list, so make sure you create a freebie strategy first! 

ON SUBJECT LINES: Since your new subscriber will be looking for their freebie, use a simple subject line, such as, “Your [FREEBIE NAME] is here!” 


As fun as it can be, don’t get carried away with tons of graphics and funky design elements. Your emails are a relationship-building tool and people are more likely to engage with simple, clean emails from a person. Not a fancy, cold email from a company.

Start by making the page background white to match the body of your email. Many email platforms will default to a gray background with a white box for the body. This can be OK, but sometimes it feels newsletter-y (and not as personal). Try making your emails all white for simplicity’s sake. 

A simple banner at the top of your welcome email with your logo and tagline will do the trick. If you’re feeling especially friendly, use a picture of yourself, too! Here’s what I’m using for my emails right now:


“Thanks for subscribing to my email list!” should be written as the cause of death on your email’s tombstone.

Okay, I’m kidding, but that line is so overused and frankly, a buzzkill! When you subscribe to something, is your first thought, “I really hope they thank me because I’m doing them a favor”? Probably not.

If you used an opt-in freebie, your subscriber likely opted-in because they have a problem that they’re trying to solve. Hopefully they’ll thank you!

“It looks like I’m in your inbox because you’re feeling overwhelmed with Pinterest. Let me tell you, you just made the best decision ever to snag this freebie. You’re actually pretty smart, you know that?!”

First, I’m re-iterating their current feelings about their problem. They think, “Yes! She understands me!” Then, I validate their decision to opt-in.

Open your emails by talking about them and their problem. People like it when you talk about them. Not yourself!


If it’s helpful, give a few extra instructions so your new subscriber can make the most of their freebie.


Hand over that freebie! That’s what they’re looking for, anyway. Make a nice bright button or nice clear text that says “Download the [FREEBIE].”

Create a free account on bit.lywhere I make vanity URLs for my freebie links. In my Bitly dashboard, I can track how many times a freebie has been clicked/downloaded. So in 5 years I can say, “This has been downloaded over 3 million times!” 


Last, invite them to connect on your most-used platform. Personally, I like inviting them to my Facebook group where I give blogging tips.

Invite them by writing some personal, friendly copy instead of just using a social media icon.

“Can I give you some extra support on your blogging journey? I have a Facebook group of like-minded bloggers who give support and lift each other up. I’d love to have you join our tribe!”


“I know you’re just starting to learn more about Pinterest, so I’d love for you to hangout with me on Instagram. I’m always sharing the latest Pinterest news, tips, and tricks to help you create a better profile. See you there!”


In my post about creating a freebie strategy, I shared how to create a sequence of 3-4 emails in Mailerlite. This strategy keeps your new subscriber engaged over a few weeks and helps them get to know you better.

It’s a great opportunity to give them more value with extra tips, blog posts, and resources for their “problem” from Step 2.


Make it simple & friendly.

Talk about their problems. And keeptalking about their problems. This helps them feel validated.

Give them an extra resource or tip to make the most of their freebie.

Make a clear link or button to your freebie.

Invite them to connect.

Any questions on crafting your perfect welcome email? Let me know in the comments! I got you, friend!

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