Are You New To Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve been studying affiliate marketing in all of my free time since January and I wanted to share some information I’ve gathered from being a newbie to help other newbies navigate through all of the noise. There is A LOT of information out there. And there is a lot of different ways to accomplish being a successful affiliate. Here are some of the most important things you need to decide right off of the bat to help narrow your field of focus:

1.) What you want to sell. There are so many different products out there! From what I’ve studied the products that are best to sell are a combination of high ticket products and recurring products. This helps you build a sustainable business and also make some good change at the same time. Since I am posting this to the click funnels group I’d guess your are interested in promoting clickfunnels which seems like one of the best products to promote out there–good job!

2.) What traffic source do you want to use. For a beginner, its a good idea to start with free traffic unless you have a lot of funds and some money to burn, as well as a good program to show you the ropes. But for those of us that are starting with a smaller budget, when you focus on building traffic the free way, you will be able to easily use the tactics you’ve learned and duplicate it with paid traffic once you have some money under your belt.

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3.) Find a program, mentor, bonus package that will help you accomplish this. There are so many offers out there to help people out in the beginning. Finding a good bonus package that offers you amazing training is essential! There are also a lot of bonus packages that will let you use their offers, so you can focus on building other parts of your business and learning, while making an income. This, to me, is 100% the way to go–finding a mentor and training program that will let you leverage their expertise.

Also, DO NOT be fooled by people that suggest that earning income online as an affiliate marketer is simple and easy. This is why so many people call affiliate marketing a SCAM and if you are talking with somebody that is presenting it like this, it is a scam and I would run for the hills. Run from anyone saying it easy, you are guaranteed to make money, and that they are the only one with the answer. There is a lot of work involved, no matter which way you cut it. You will have to make sacrifices to become successful at it. The reason why it has a bad reputation with a lot of people is because a lot of people advertise that they can make an easy side income from this, lure people in who don’t get results because they had the wrong expectations. It is work–you have to think of it as building a business and investing in yourself more than an easy way to make money. But it is also rewarding. And once you move through the mental blocks and hurdles you have you will find a deep sense of pride.

Hope this has helped


  1. I have been trying to build my business for almost 9 months now and probably the biggest mistake was thinking that I could quit my job and travel the world whilst doing it, sure I have had an amazing time and don’t regret it as I have also learnt a lot but have not been anywhere near as productive as I now know I need to be if I want to get the momentum to take things to the next level and make a decent income. Online success is just like starting any other traditional business, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Great read ! keep up the good work.

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