How Blogging is Saving My Life

img_4127As I write each word, I can feel myself get mentally lighter and lighter. As a child I was always wrote little poems and stories. I was a child filled with imagination!


As I grew throughout the years, there was a point where the pen couldn’t keep my attention. As a result of displacing my passion, I dove into drugs and eventually sinking further into a world of illegal sex trafficking (which is just a fancy word for prostitution).

Hiw did I even get to that place? I was raised with such high morals and my parents instilled manners and hard work into me at a young age.

One thing I’ve discovered the hard way is that leaving the safety of my parents home at 19 years old was when my life spiraled downwards.

I was sinking further and further into a abyss of drugs,sex and criminal activity. Never displaying adverse behaviors to my parents nor anyone in my family for that matter, I thought I was getting slick. But reality was, I was getting worse.img_3968-1





Lending my body to anyone with a large amount of cash became my quest in life that is until I gave birth to my oldest child.

Life was brand new after that. Of course i had ups and downs for a few years after she was born but eventually I sought help from a therapist for my PTSD. And low and behold she said the best therapy is to ….WRITE!

img_4065Thats when I picked up the pen again and wow was my heart full! I wrote 3 best selling books and I’m still writing. It’s like something magical happened and everything began to come together and my anxiety and fears began dissipating and I felt like I was living now.

I still suffer from some anxiety and other emotions but anytime I feel overwhelmed or heavy, my release is I write. And I don’t stop until I feel better. So thank you for letting me share a piece of my pain with you and not judging me on my past but propelling me into my best future!



  1. Thank you for being an inspiration to push forward and have a belief that all things that we dream can be made possible no matter what point we decide to begin. Now or later, the point is that we start.

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