How to Optimize Facebook Pixel so you won’t waste tons of money


Within the Facebook Pixel, there is a line of code that acts like a different pixel on its own. This line of code tracks users that have javascript disabled. But if you do not customize it, it will register both buyers and plain visitors as :PageView:

That means that you:

Will have buyers and visitors mixed together in your remarketing audiences. Which will waste money, decrease your Ads relevance score, decrease your ROI, corrupt the data from your Lookalike Audiences.

So. That was the theory now in practicality:

How to solve the problem:

You create a new Facebook Pixel for the sake of having a clean start on registering data.

You add your Pixel to your Shopify Store manually. You change the parameters of the line of code that acts like a secondary pixel for nonjavascript from PageView to whatever event you can connect with an URL

“add it to your theme by adding it to the relevant .liquid files. Since every theme is different you I can’t tell you which files, but you’ll want it on the index, products, blogs, cart and tracking/confirmation page. Again change the “ev=PageView” in the <noscript> pixel code to reflect it appropriate event.” – in Joseph Lazukin’s words


Then you have the method to avoid bounces, robot traffic, spam bots, and misclicks from your remarketing audiences.

Why does it matter:

Be removing them from your remarketing audiences you will save money from being wasted on uninterested people and have them invested in actual prospects.

How to solve the problem:


1. Delay the Pixel from fireing you can do that by adding the following code within the Pixel:

*setTimeout(function(){ *insert Facebook pixel code here* }, 3000);*

2. Create Custom Conversions that will fire every 10 or so seconds – this is the professional and money making way

this way you will have further insight into your traffic. With the synergy of behavior tracking apps you will be able to map out new “purchasing behaviors” and will be able to remarket in new ways. Make the facebook algorithm look for people most likely to produce the behavior your buyers have on your website.

Hope this helps!

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