Thank Your Dentist

May I just begin to tell you how much and how important it is to smile #SMILE

With your radiant smile, you can change someone’s day just by offering them a positive kind word with a genuine smile behind that word.

For the last two years I have literally had to sit back and watch my teeth crumble so I thought, because I did not have dental insurance no matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I brushed my teeth, or even just lost which I loathe to do, I could not get good results.

Finally a month ago, I was able to obtain my precious dental insurance, and visited the dentist. I thought that I was going to need a partial denture, I was preparing myself for the worst. You see I was really prepared to have to have my entire set of front teeth pulled out reconstructed and implanted which I knew was going to be expensive and not something I could take care of right away.

But I am proud to tell you and proud of myself to say that even though I thought my front two teeth were beyond saving, they weren’t! They weren’t because I kept brushing them, I kept flossing them, not knowing if that was even doing any good. But as you see I went to the dentist yesterday and he said something that changed my entire thought process an entire day, he told me that this was an easy fix we will just have to drill out and drill down the rotten Parts of that tooth. He then proceeded to tell me that this tooth and the other teeth surrounding it that were also in trouble were able to be spared and that he could fill them quite easily.

I want to let you know today that no matter what it seems like in your life, no matter how much it looks like, feels like, you don’t have to except the worst possible outcome. You see you can change the trajectory of your obstacle. You just need to have the mindset to keep going keep doing the work even though it looks like nothing is working or you’re not getting any results.

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Now as a nurse I want to also leave you with this important information you need to remember that visiting your health professionals may not be the most pleasant experience. You may be like myself and you may not enjoy going to the dentist at all not even for regular cleaning let alone some deep root canal‘s or feelings. But you must the thing that you fear is the thing that is going to make you successful that thing is going to allow you to overcome your obstacle and keep pushing to your greatest possibility

And I am the harmony coach

let’s smile through everything we go through in life








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