Define Success

💗 how do you define #Success?

💗How do you define #happiness?

As #AlbertSchweiter said the KEY to success is not the key to happiness.

💗What do you #LOVE to do?

💗What passion do you excel at?

If you love write (like myself), you WILL succeed because you are passionate about what your writing about.

At Harvesting Life’s Lessons I love to share my inspiration from my life’s #journey

My passion made room for me!

As a result of writing not 1 BUT 2 Best selling books, my passion gets #stronger as I am finally seeing the growth because of my passion!

Being Deborah is at times chaotic and choked full of #obstacles

But through my obstacles I’ve also learned that #faith without #works is dead.

So today as you walk through your #day, remember to keep your chin up and know your gifts will make room for you. It’s ok to be YOU! Your are the curator of your life!

#Smile at everyone you greet today and make sure to say a kind word. A #goodmorning goes a long way!

Good morning everyone!

For my #FREE reality therapy goals worksheet please visit

And feel free to come by Deborah Schrepper for value packed #business growth #tips


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