Giving It Away

Why do you give it all away…even before you’ve been paid?

In the past 60 days I’ve had more than several people reach out and ask why I basically give out an entire business plan during my free business growth strategy call.

The answer is very simple…

If you go to a doctor and they spend and entire day educating you on the ways of medicine…it does not mean that you are now a qualified and board certified medical professional and if there is ever a need for a doctor in your life, you now have enough information to handle things on your own.

If an attorney spends an entire day teaching you law, that does not mean you are now qualified to practice law yourself.

What I do is no different…

I am never concerned with giving anyone an entire game plan for their business and how it all should be structured to achieve maximum impact and profitability in the shortest amount of time.


Because me spending one hour or even an entire day with someone does not mean they walk away with almost 20 years of my experience.

Knowing the pieces and being able to effective put them together day in and day out, are two completely different things.

So no, I’m never worried for giving away everything I’ve got to help others.

And neither should you ever be…

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Have a blessed, productive and prosperous week my friends.

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