Help A Nurse Dear Government

Dear Government,
As a nurse I took an oath 11 years ago “I Deborah Schrepper, abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous” and to “zealously seek to nurse those who are ill wherever they may be and whenever they are in need.”

I never thought I’d see a day where PPE which includes face masks, would not be available due a global shortage. And yet here we are and to my employer who told the nurses “We don’t have any face masks to give you” and further stated that “if we wear a mask at work you will be terminated “
I say to you all that tomorrow night when I walk into my nursing home for the ID, I WILL be covered (not only in Jesus’ name) I will have my HANDMADE, HAND-SEWN face mask
AND to my employer I WILL hand you my receipt for $19.89 from Hobby Lobby
Please Share my post I could use some pointers as my sewing machine is in storage….
I truly am Harvesting Life’s Lessons

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