Appreciation For Trains

Have you ever have wondered what life would be like riding along the railways of life on another persons track? How that train seems to stay on the tracks even when going around a bend that on one side is a deep gulch with nothing rocks and ravines while the other side looks so peaceful and serene.

Do you ever stop to think about what happens on the other side of the tracks as they simultaneously click and clack? And what holds that train together so that one side won’t topple over how beautiful the world would be if we learned to get along with one another. Bringing my children on this 60 hour train ride letting them see the untouched world without their precious wifi, was a blessing one we will not soon forget. Nor the blatant disrespect a few have in the world today. Weather you ride coach or first class people should be treated equal that’s just the proper way. So thank you Amtrack for giving my children a TRUE LIFE experience and letting them see for themself that racism and the ignorant of some people still exists today. What are you really teaching your children these day

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