Obstacle To Opportunities

Feeling so blessed tonight. Don’t worry I didn’t over do it… I was running a lot of errands today throughout the day and I did very small paint jobs working on finishing the cabinets, but I do want to stop and I’m just so thankful my home is looking nothing like it did before and my son said to me
❤️ “Mom, let people know don’t look at what something looks like now, look at what it will be after”
He is fulfills his name Hakeem=wise seeker of God..
When we look at any situation now, we often see a mess, we see the struggle…
Take another look and see all the possibilities of what the same image WILL BE!
❤️Many thanks to all of your prayers

First of 2 blood transfusions
Feeling a little better
Finally home from the hospital after a GI bleed



My home remodeling, like me it’s a work in progress

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