The Mighty Magnolia

Just admiring the beauty in my own front yard. I love magnolia trees. Ever since I discovered the beautiful aroma of these magnificent trees, believe it or not in my home in Manistee Michigan there was the most beautiful lavender magnolia tree. I would be diligent to prune it and care for it through the spring summer and fall and pray that it would bloom again after a cold hard winter.

It’s quite magnificent and intriguing if you ask me, because year after year that magnolia tree continued to produce some of the most beautiful fragrant flowers I’ve ever seen.
When I moved to Florida I always admired the homes that have magnolia trees in the front or backyard I would often ask myself do these people realize how blessed they are to have one of these trees in their yard? Two years later I would actually get to find out for myself once again, how blessed I am to now have a magnolia tree in my own yard.
As I was putting my sons graduation sign in front of that beautiful tree, One entire magnolia blossom fell suddenly to the ground. I looked around because I couldn’t believe that this thing would actually just fall to the ground.

Seeing that the piston was still intact I quickly and carefully retrieved it from the ground and brought it into my home.
And then I had this epiphany, what if it was meant for me to pick that beautiful blossom up and somehow try to make it last as long as I possibly could. So I put it in one of my kitchen bowls with water and I watched…
You see many times in our life we act and react suddenly to something and often times make the wrong choice in haste. Instead of taking

The time to stop, pick something up, dust it off, careful not to break any important or essential parts we can begin to pick up what has fallen to the ground. Some people may see some thing tragic and only think of those tragic moments but I implore you and I encourage you this evening that wherever you are you can with patience , and perseverance and compassion put back together that thing or obstacle that you lost.

You can recover from whatever it is that you’re going through if you are determined to see the possibilities!

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