Hidden Smiles

Sitting in the doctors office for another follow up appointment for the GI bleed. My numbers are dipping again but more than that, I’m shedding a few tears. I’m watching all these people we are all wearing masks. I don’t see anyone smile if they are it’s covered.
I see old people trying to navigate through the doors with a face mask half on,steer a walker, not hearing others because everyone’s voices are muffled due to these masks.
Couples that come to their doctor can’t join their spouse in the appointment because only the patient can go back.
I see the cutest little children who used to be so jovial and active walking around with masks on like little robots no more smiles or giggles…
I’m watching my son become more of a hermit and now says he will not wrestle in a mask and if that’s how it will look he won’t wrestle any longer. ( and y’all know wrestling is his air! His joy his coping skill)
My parents no longer will come to his graduation because Florida is the supreme hot spot and at 80 they don’t want to risk their lives.
I know we are all going through this right now. But I don’t know how much more we can bare the world is not the same and I don’t like where it’s going.
God please have mercy on the land and “if my people which are called by my name shall HUMBLE themselves seek my face and Turn from their wicked ways…”
people can we please do just that, because i want our happy world back…

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