Do You Love Me?

If you love me …please wear a mask.
I haven’t shared with you how much my life has changed this year. 2 months ago I was rushed to the hospital and in ICU because I had a GI bleed unbeknownst to me…
Doctors said if I had waited 1 more minute I would be alive. I had 2 blood transfusions and I’m still alive (praise God)
One month after that, one of my patients attacked me and tore a portion of my rotator cuff and caused major damage in my neck. I’m now in physical therapy 3x a week, and still work there (light duty) full time.
I began crafting candles and sewing face masks to accompany my handcrafted soaps & scrubs. Why you ask, because I want to live and nursing is just so scary currently, I want to be my own boss.
These are only a few of my now daily medications and NO none of them are narcotics. They will be a part of the rest of my life.
Please please wear a mask this is not about politics it’s about LOVE for your community and families


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