Life is Better In Harmony

🌸I am seriously IN LOVE with my own handcrafted candles ! This one (I named Harmony made with frankincense & myrrh pure fragrance oils) is currently curing until Saturday and then labeled, packaged and shipped to an AMAZING sister as she purchased 2 and 2 face masks. 🌸This weekend I’ll be crafting 24 Harmony candles, 24 Genuine (lemon orange blossom, cloves & cinnamon)candles and 24 Centered (lavender & vanilla) candles!
🌸If you are ready to experience Harmony wafting through your home, welcoming in some much needed aromatherapy and creating a zen effect, I encourage you to comment below or message me so that I can make sure I make enough of the scent you’ve requested.
🌸❤️And thank you 🙏🏽 for allowing me to pour into your beautiful lives. Many blessings and always remember that Life Is Better In Harmony 💗🙏🏽
🔥 Those who purchase this weekend will receive a special gift as my way of saying a thank you and I appreciate your support of my small business 💕

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