Five Times

Test #5 I’m so serious when I tell y’all how much this BITES! Yup that’s the nostril they selected this week
Tested 3x a month it’s different EVERY SINGLE TIME! That being said every single time I test they all suck. This is not fun, this is not a joke, this is real. And I’m really sick and tired of people still going around untested unbothered and on affected by what’s going on. If you’re not testing, then to me you are positive no this is not an STD but it is highly contagious and when you don’t take things like this seriously it is causing the rest of us they have to face this every single day to go through even more unnecessary steps and procedures. Because it is not only us as nurses that get tested three times a month, it is our patients as well and I mean both patients and patience…

Going in!

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