Got Acne? Get Alleviate!

✳️Do you have a teen that suffers from acne?

❎ Are you experiencing breakouts now that we are constantly covering our beautiful faces with masks?

Alleviate With/without activated charcoal
Alleviate with /without activated charcoal

I’m a nurse with over 11 years of experience and a small business owner with a passion for crafting soaps and candles. When my son began breaking out with severe acne and blackheads I knew as his mom needed a solution!

4 years ago I developed Alleviate Face soap and after a few days of him using it we saw a big difference

Had to change up my labels for my Alleviate Facial Soap but brand continuity matters to me. Plus I wanted to highlight its attributes as well as our added new formula option if you need to kickstart the healing process

Alleviate always sells out within a day I craft it.

Why, because it works ..

❓Got Teens
‼️Get Alleviate
❓Suffering from “Mask Bumps”
‼️ Get Alleviate

It’s that simple.
Step 1️⃣

Wash your face with Alleviate with Activated Charcoal once in the morning & once before bed. Rinse well, pat dry, apply light moisturizer
🔂 Repeat for 7 days

🔸Once the acne and blemishes calm down (you’ll see a difference within 7-10 days sooner with consistent use) goto step 2

Step 2️⃣ Wash with Alleviate Bar (The OG bar)twice a day

Step 3️⃣ Use our Alleviate Facial scrub once a week along with Alleviate Bar daily

Your face will show you the thanks for taking care of it!
I’m giving away some other treats this month on the Re-Release of Alleviate! Now available with activated charcoal to super charge the process! And available in the original recipe

Lathers Great

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