Get Your Face Clean Again

High school can be one of the most amazing and memorable time in our kids lives

Before & After Alleviate

This year looks COMPLETELY different but one thing I as a parent has come to understand is our kids want to feel and look their best as they return either in person or even virtual (I mean Zoom school doesn’t hide anything)
My daughter asked me for a bar of my Alleviate Facial Soap because she knows it works! She also wants to feel her best after returning to school after being away from her friends for 6 months..
I gave her my Alleviate with activated charcoal, and she went right away to wash her face..
That was 2 weeks ago and she is ready to bring her beautiful self back to school this week!
Alleviate works!

Lots Of Lather!
Alleviate With Activated Charcoal

As your shopping or your kids be sure to pick up a bar of Alleviate facial Soap
Take it from a mom of 3 They’ll thank you for it one day 😂

Your Face Will 😊

Made in the USA

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