My Genuine Julia

🎶 Someone’s in the kitchen with Deborah someone’s in the kitchen I knowwwww 🎶

Good evening everyone hope you enjoyed my musical interlude….

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE #artisan soap to craft. About 7 years ago when I packed up my home in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Oklahoma I wrote a beautiful poem to my mother.. In that poem I poured my heart into words on paper and presented it to her at my beloved Pentecost Church of Jesus Christ on Mother’s Day (first time my mom came to church with me).. We both shed tears and I framed it and gave it to her.

Fast forward 3 years later by that time we wised up and moved to Manistee Michigan to be close to my daughter and her family. It was there that my creative mind was able to pour my love,respect and honor I have for my Mother in my soap “Genuine Julia “!

Crafted with Goat’s Milk

Another favorite of my customers at the farmers markets I had a stand at on Saturday’s and Sunday’s I made sure to tell the story behind this soap and it sold like hot cakes at the county fair!
So now without further ado, let me RE-Introduce you to the BIGGER BETTER BEST “Genuine Artisan Soap!
Crafted by Harvesting Life’s Lessons & Harmony Goal
She is made with👇🏽
🔷 Goats Milk
🔷 Lemon-Orange blossom oil
🔷 Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
🔷 Organic HEMP Seed Oil
My Mother has always been the MOST #Genuine woman I’ve ever known and continues to inspire me to be a better woman every single day! I love you mom !
Genuine Julia

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