Christmas Dinner 2020

I will be sharing the COMPLETE recipe with entire photo collection of my son’s INCREDIBLE Beef Wellington on my blog in a few days

It came out absolutely AMAZING as did his homemade from scratch Cheesecake oh my God the cheesecake alone took over 6 hours not including the 24hr chill in the fridge ❤️

The Wellington we started making at 2pm and we ate at 630pm. Definitely worth the preparation. Like anything you desire, it takes patience and planning. You can always vacuum seal portions and freeze them for the quick meal but while heartedly recommend to cook the real thing take the time and effort ❤️

ThankMeLater #ilovemyfamily #homefortheholidays #ChristmasDinner #dinnertime #gordonramsay #beefwellington #cheesecake #harvestinglifeslessons

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