The Last Word You Say

I understand they grow and evolve into their own purpose, but kids these days are different…

They have morphed into something unlike I’ve ever seen before. Each child is unique with their own gifts as well as challenges. And I love each of my children the same…

I had the same rules for my eldest who is now almost 28 as I do with my youngest (15)…

Their roads each look different and paths may never walk together as they get older, but they will always have ONE common denominator, their mother…

Love that carries me over many horizons…

When I was a child in the 70’s I know I’ve said some hurtful things to my mother which I could spend a lifetime apologizing for and still could never be enough. And I’m so blessed to have my mom still here outrunning and out walking me!

There are no words that can make me not love and appreciate all of my children even at some not so fun moments…

words last a lifetime and once we say something it can take a lifetime to wish we hadn’t said one thing. Remember we can’t take it back, chose your words carefully


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