Day 1 Of my Covid Vaccine

Day number 1- Injection obviously didn’t hurt and the fellow nurse was awesome of course

Someone is FINALLY getting something she should’ve had since it first came!

It’s really sad that as a actively practicing nurse, had to fight like hell to obtain it!

I go into a family’s house every day and take care of the most adorable medically complex baby, now why wouldn’t this government take precautions to make sure

EVERY MEDICAL PERSON vaccinated?? All it would’ve taken was one second to be exposed and inadvertently give Covid to this baby with a all of his complexities and then who’d be in the wrong ???

Shame on them for such reckless & disorganization of the vaccines !
Shame on them for not fighting for the communities who can not care for themselves and yet continuing to have nurses and other care takers to and from the homes spreading this mess!

Oh please know this, there have been SEVERAL nurses within THIS community who have actively spread Covid back and forth from patient to patient and vice versa…
I personally will only take on one patient at a time for that very reason. Now after a second dose I may think about branching out to more, but I took an OATH and actually I’m ok just my one. There are other things out here besides Covid just in case many forget.
Be wise keep washing your hands and everything else we need to do to #StopTheSpreadOfCOVID19

I’ll be journaling my experience both good and bad and indifferent ❤️

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