The Wise Nurse

HURRAY!!!! Number 2 Covid-19 Vaccination COMPLETED!!!

Let me tell you I am ready to resume LIFE again!

Covid vaccine #1 ✅

In the past year I’ve been working as a nurse, I have had MANY #COVID patients, I’ve personally lost 7 people that were like family to me!

I wore a mask to work AND when I am out in public… I took ONE DAY with my children to let loose and have fun at Universal Orlando

Vaccine #2 ✅✅

I have NOT SEEN MY PARENTS in a year and a half!

I see so many people doing things against what is recommended, and then they complain and say things like “
I’ve done everything right why did I get Covid?”

But the fact of the matter is many times people think that they are doing all of the right things insure sometimes no matter what precautions you take and you still contract this awful virus… sacrifice is what it takes to remain healthy to remain virus free and that does not include going out to eat every day or even every week it does not look like going on trips every month just because you’re stressed and need to take a vacation or travel. You running into the grocery store or the Circle K without a mask because you left it in the car and you’re too lazy to walk back to the car and put your mascon and you think to yourself it’s only gonna be a second and I’m just grabbing one thing…
Is that one thing really worth your life? Is that one thing really worth someone else’s life? Just something for others to think about as they are recklessly walking in and out of public spaces still the while telling everybody they’re doing everything right.
Wishing everybody a healthy and happy day, weekend, life remember it does take a little bit of sacrifice but a lot more dedication is what we need right now we’re getting there and we will get there together

Day 1(the first 24hrs)….excited, the shot didn’t hurt.

The great gift ever as a nurse! SERIES COMPLETE


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