My Genuine Mother Always Inspires Me

My Mother has always been my biggest cheerleader, counselor, confidant…

When I first began hand making soaps 7 years ago, my first soap I named after my Mom (Julia), she also has and still is the most Genuine person I’ve ever known!

Genuine Julia Artisan Soap Bar
Mom & Dad

8 months ago when I finally was brave enough to add hand pouring candles, I kept my sacred tradition of crafting my first candle inspired by my mother with the same beautiful scents of the Genuine Julia Soap. It wasn’t my best by far, my jar was small, (my wick wasn’t always centered since I had just started, it took a while to perfect this tedious skill )

But through it all, my mom cheered me on, even buying my Genuine candle.

Well the time has come to give my absolute cherished candle a well deserved upgrade! Words could never describe what my mother means to be.

Me and my Mommy

I hope she knows every memory, tear, and love she poured into me is Genuinely appreciated I poured the same passion into my Genuine 10oz candle! ❤️I love you Mom!❤️

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