It Makes Me Happy

In June of last year I needed to give my business a boost. I decided to add to my soaping business Harvesting Life’s Lessons, so I began perfecting my body butter recipes and marketing them. I knew I had always wanted to make my own candles and now was the time!

My job as a nurse was beyond stressful, the world was deep in a global pandemic and here I was stressed out, healing from a serious attack at work, healing from a GI bleed and I couldn’t do my longtime love of gardening….

So I jumped in with both feet! I began crafting candles cocktail candles and tins. And The Tipsy Candle was born…

With every pour I was able to release some of my frustration into my artisan candles and my business grew…. before I knew it I had 2 rooms full of candle supplies, candles, wax, wicks and of course a variety of jars!

I started doing vendor events and markets again finally and I feel like I’m “back”.
Art has always been an outlet for me and I’ve always loved ceramics and pottery and colors too. I finally poured some other vessels. Not only poured them, but molded them, sanded them, sealed them and as you see below, waxed and polished my first one!

I’ve been working on a very special project that incorporates both my candles and my love of art and can’t wait to show off my pieces when the first one is made.

Many times people don’t know how to express what their feeling, and clearly this last year is one of those times for all of us to find our happy therapy and just do it! I will be having a few of my ceramic pieces at my next event this Saturday and everything I make is a part of me, so I’m passionate about my products because they work! And I know how hard I am on myself and try to make each product an entire experience for my customers.

Thanks friends for supporting my small business, each of you are special to me 💗

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