Family Time Finally!

It’s been over 3 years since seeing my beautiful grandchildren, and 2 years since seeing my daughter.

First Day at Legoland Florida

Finally now that we’ve both been vaccinated, it was time to get our family gang together for 7 days this was the day I’ve waited 3 years for… to hug my grands!

Oops Adi flipped over the railing and the camera caught this perfectly funny moment!

My grandson and I promised we’d NEVER wait so long to see each other again. It was so hard on all of us.

I am very close to my little guy and we have a special bond. My granddaughter as well but it’s something about the 1st born grand that i can’t explain. And I’m so happy they are here visiting granny we are getting 3 years worth of fun in this trip!

Jr and Granny enjoying the boat ride

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