Reunion After Over a Year

Family dinner at Strings Sports Bar & Grill, Jacksonville Fl

Let me tell y’all…. I pulled up to my parents VRBO at 3pm and literally jumped out of my car…
My dad was standing on the porch of this beautiful Historic house with my youngest daughter, I could not put my car in park fast enough.

I jumped out of my car ran up to my dad and hugged him so tight, I didn’t let go until it felt like five minutes later.
It has been 1 1/2 years since seeing my parents they look the same, they look healthy they are happy, they are thriving, they are the best parents in the world!
Words just don’t do my emotions justice. I kept hugging him and told him how happy I am to finally see them after all this time and all of us making it through this horrible pandemic.

Gama & Grand daughter

I am so grateful to have both of my parents who, by the way are not even biologically related to me, they made the choice to adopt me. I feel so blessed so appreciative and so grateful to have them both still here. After 80+ years my parents are both very much in their right mind, healthier even than I am, one a cancer survivor, actually stage three but you would never know it because of their positive outlook. I am so so very thankful I love you mom and dad and I’m so glad that you were here finally in Florida to visit us.
Strings Sports Brewery your staff is AMAZING! Every single server,bar tender you made this experience rememberable and host there were super friendly down to earth accommodating simple requests you made me want to start working in this environment it’s perfect for a couuod events I would like to put together for the community and othe snail business in that location. Great I live down the street I’m gunna come once a week now seriously you’ve inspired this tipsy candlemaker

Worth The Wait!

If I was to meet the owner and tell him how much of an amazing job he’s doing in our community I and/or his restaurant and I would love to see and help other local businesses continue to thrive this one touch me in my heart it was a very wonderful experience

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