We Love Your Farmhouse

We have 5 (12oz) dough bowl candles ready to ship to your beautiful home!

All natural soy wax with 3 cotton wicks.

3 Florida Sweet Tea
2 Eucalyptus Spearmint Use code: MAYFARM for $2 off your bowl.

Farmhouse Dough Bowl

They don’t last long and when the candle is finished burning pop the bowl in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and the wax pops right out and the dough bowl can be used as a beautiful piece for something else

Farmhouse Dough Bowl Candles

Our wood is hand carved by a small business owner and has also been treated with flame retardant. However we ALWAYS recommend never leave any lit candle unattended and away from drafts and young children.

Remember to also trim your wicks 1/4” prior to lighting EACH time.

Come experience the aromatic addiction of our highly scented soy wax candles leaving your space filled with aromatic clean scents


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