Best Steak Tonight

Since this boy came home from school we knew we’d finally eat some good food! (Ya I LOATHE cooking)
Tonight he’s cooking for us bone in Ribeye steak & homemade French fries

Not just “fried potatoes” he didn’t just fry them, he

•peeled and cut,
•soaked for 60 minutes (changing the water 3 times)
• fried first them 5 minutes
•put them in the freezer (2hours)
•then fried again (5min)
•add Parmesan and salt

and garlic on OH MY GOOOD they are delicious and did a backwards sear on the steak

•baked in the oven at 275 ( 60 minutes )
•let steaks rest for about 5 min
•seared them in a pan (1min each side)

this kid is a natural cook!

Medium Rare
Oven for 60 minutes (275) then sear 5 min each side

RamseyInspired #beststeakever #gordonramsay #deliciousfood

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