The Moral of The Nurses Story…

Why did I make a muscle for today’s (16hour) work photo…

Because apparently because I’m working on the Covid unit with 9 patients one of which has a colostomy bag in which the wafer has NOT been changed since July! WHO DOES THAT CRAP! Unacceptable!

But here’s the why I posted the muscle pic…. When I saw that I immediately began trying to remove it, but it was almost glued to the patients skin… they winced in pain, so I remembered seeing doctors using distraction techniques and I instantly began asking about the family, kids, weather all things they loved prior to Covid and then I started singing 🎶“let the church. Say amen”

My patient looked at me and said, “ does that mean it’s over”?

I replied, “Yes it sure is”

The patient smiled (which was a first for them and me and they said, “ Thank you so much Miss Deborah I sure do appreciate your caring healing self!”

I smiled and said it was my pleasure….

Moral of today’s story, when your in a big CRAPLOAD of mess…. get your mind off the obvious and make the best out of any situation

(Now only 11 more hours till I can shower 😂)
A long 63 hour week!

nursestrong #nurselife

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