My Skin Color Is Non Negotiable!

Lookie here, when you are in the healthcare profession taking care of somebody and I don’t care what capacity that is… You have to remember that people are people no matter what.

Like you, they are raised with a certain standard whether that be good or bad and everyone should keep in mind not everybody is the same. Some people were raised with no manners and that’s something that we as individuals cannot change.

It’s taking me a very long time to come to the point where I can actually walk away or help actually defuse the situation being a nurse when a patient calls me a nigger

Through the years I have learned you cannot change someone and I don’t try to change people I try to help them to see that words hurt and that we make a difference in this world but bickering back-and-forth gets you nowhere. Embrace the day and be proud of who you are!

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  1. I would agree with that, mostly. Skin colour is none negotiable? No. It is not negotiable. That is a fact, end of discussion. Relationships surrounding colour? They need negotiating” For both parties. Even if both love each other. There will always be those that disapprove. Sad” but true. It can cause friction between the couple. So that is the negotiating part. Getting on with their lives, and not giving a shit what anyone else thinks. If they can manage that? Then nothing else matters.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. That’s a great statement applicable in so many areas of life! We all shouldn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of how we live our lives. Too many people conform to others idea of who we should be and forget that we are all unique that’s ok. Thanks for the reminder 💗

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